n99hr n7h5n 9tk68 4r9t6 8ktzi 2e36a rfars r5k2z 32ebs b68bk 4a2hz 98524 6d96t rik59 9szdy dfnah 34hna 7k82a 2sdzk 2bz96 y8kfb GreenTeam FSA Wildcard Application Song |

GreenTeam FSA Wildcard Application Song

2022.01.28 18:44 theoe97 GreenTeam FSA Wildcard Application Song

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2022.01.28 18:44 VALESy Run Borderlands 3 on a PC in split screen mode and share one of the screens to a MAC along with its inputs.

So, I have a copy of Borderlands 3 but wish to play it with my gf in coop. Spending more money on another copy would not be an issue but she has a mac which will not run this game.

My question would be if it is possible to create 2 instances of the game that can play in split screen and share output (screen and audio) and input (keyboard and mouse) of one of the profiles to my gf's mac.

The result that I'm looking for would be me playing and running the whole game on my pc and controlling one of the profiles while she can control the other one.

Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.28 18:44 Resident_Lawyer7561 Who’s an American bank trying to make money

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2022.01.28 18:44 Goteam32 MacBook m1 pro was left inside a sleeve inside a backpack overnight

It was in sleep mode when I opened it today it was hot and it smelled a bit funky, nothing overwhelming but just kinda like a hot smell. I left safari open with 2 YouTube tabs and nord vpn was also open. Could this be why? Also should I be concerned about the smell? It still runs fine I’m just worried. Thanks
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2022.01.28 18:44 Glad_Beach What is this?

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2022.01.28 18:44 PolymerSledge Cultists celebrate different cult's loss

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2022.01.28 18:44 FormalRefrigerator65 حاق🗿🥦

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2022.01.28 18:44 InfuzionFlo Is the 256GB Patriot P300 M.2 PCIe a bad?

Some say its bad some say its good so im unsure if i should get it. I would install windows 10 on it and store some files for school while using a 1TB Hdd for gaming.
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2022.01.28 18:44 tribecous Got some new gear and was too excited to change out of work clothes - introducing battlefield casual

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2022.01.28 18:44 CrestFallen223 Is this normal

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2022.01.28 18:44 ninjagoshuriken TRADING D4SHE LT LOOKING FOR UPGRADES

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2022.01.28 18:44 dwight9992 Does anyone know where I can get a top charging upper similar to the one in the pic?

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2022.01.28 18:44 Che-kabu Геймеры объявили войну спекулянтам на Авито

Если зайти на Авито, и вбить в поиск "RTX 3050", то можно увидеть массовые объявления следующего содержания:
A тeперь после того, как ты посмотрел на спецификации этого куска текстолита с вентиляторами, сядь и подумай. Почему ты решил вывалить за него 45-50к?
Потому что ты увидел рекламу хуанолучей? Все карты поскупили в рознице или подняли ценник, а здесь дешевле на пару тысяч? "ну иначе никак, чтож мне без карты сидеть?" "нада скарее УРВАТЬ, иначе поднимут цены и все разберут!" (чем в таком случае ты отличаешься от дерущихся бабок за просрочку в супермаркетах?)
RТХ 3050 НЕ ИНТЕРЕСНА майнерам. Это видеокарта сугубо ДЛЯ ДОМА. А жыдные магазины и перекупы на волне ажиотажа всего лишь пытаются навариться на таких, как ты! На таких наивных, ведомых простачках.
А знаешь, почему?
Потому что ТЫ и ТАКИЕ КАК ТЫ - поддерживают этот рынок рублем(или любой другой валютой). Спрос - рождает предложение. И не надо говорить, что иначе никак. В 2016-м цены на старте продаж всегда считались завышенными, и люди просто их игнорили, благодаря чему спустя пару месяцев цены спускались к рекомендуемым.
Имей самоуважение! Не унижай свое достоинство из-за куска текстолита! Не иди на поводу у перекупов, которые тебя даже за человека не считают! Не покупай 3050 дороже 30-35 тысяч! И тогда, реально, цены упадут!
Конечно, ты можешь проигнорировать это объявление, обозвать меня и пойти купить свою заветную 3050 за 45-50к, посчитав, что переплата в 2 раза, не такая уж и большая переплата("что у меня 15-25тысяч лишних не найдется?")... Но после этого ты не сможешь называться гордым человеком.
(Рекомендованная цена 24900 р.)... Распространи дальше эту информацию... и просто не покупай карту по конской цене... Желаю тебе удачи, друг мой!"...
Как думаете поможет?
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2022.01.28 18:44 TJElm87 Still missing my (26nb) ex (46m) after two years

Oh boy here’s a long one. In 2019 I (then 23nb) ended up in a polyamorous relationship with K(then 43m) and N(then 35f).
I was immediately attracted to K when working on a project together. We got along well, matched each other’s talent and energy, and collaborated better than in any partnership I’ve ever been in. We had fun working together, and instantly began flirting too. I also had no idea how old K was and I didn’t find out for another year. On his birthday in 2018 we were hanging out with N as we had all been working together and grown close as friends, going as far as to plan a trip together. We drank, things got handsy, and we ended up having a threesome and deciding to maintain a relationship for almost a year afterward.
The issue was N. While K and I had been interested in each other and had kissed and talked about our feelings to an extent a few times before that night, I had no idea N was interested in either of us til she initiated. It became clearer later that I ended up being a sort of gateway into getting closer to him. She was incredibly jealous, clingy, would hide important things from him while asking me not to tell him because she didn’t want to stress him out. She would tell me she didn’t trust his friends and thought he was hitting on other people despite him stating many times “This is my relationship. Just this. It’s a the three of us together and I don’t want anything else.” There were times when we would be at an event in larger groups and anytime he talked to one of his female friends she would lean in and whisper “do something! He listens to you!” Even though I trusted him and didn’t want any part in interfering. From day one she was on a slightly different wavelength and it was odd but still mostly fun and I was smitten with K so I didn’t question it until those things started to happen more often.
N was also more sexually motivated than me and had an easier time initiating and enjoying herself. Everything turned into a sexual comment or an attempt at seduction and it became exhausting. She twisted quiet moments of cuddling between K and I into sex a few times and I hated that habit. It was like she would initiate, get what she wanted, and then try to coach me into enjoying myself (which was infuriating) so it could be her turn again. It was hard to be stared at and talked to like I didn’t know how to get off. My meds made it hard and it was such a turn off to hear “get out of your head” while i was trying to do just that.
It was clear by six months in that he was the main event and I was kind of just some extra, occasionally-convenient fun. Which I can’t exactly blame her for. I’d be a hypocrite if I tried to judge her for that. But to my credit I made every effort to be as supportive and loving to her as I could and she returned it with subtle digs, undermining my sense of memory by telling me conversations we had never happened, and treating me like a go-between to mine for information because K and I connected so deeply and so well. I tried to talk about the problems with all of us and she responded with anger and defensiveness no matter how gently I tried, so I stopped trying to communicate.
Basically, I had to end it. I was terrified to do that because after a year of this I had grown even closer to K and I trusted and loved him. Our conversations were deep and honest. We shared fears and dreams and talked about our interests and things that brought us joy. We had also become even better as a team, bouncing ideas off each other constantly and building even better trust and creativity together. And there was such instant comfort in all of our touches and looks and gestures that I still ache to think of it. We could settle each other with a look. I’ve never felt anything like it.
I knew that if I ended things with N I would be dissolving things with K as well. I knew how he would see the options, how he wouldn’t want to hurt her by staying with me. Our relationship had been a secret anyway. He’s a man of appearances and egalitarian conduct, even when it doesn’t make any sense. We’re both so pretentious and dramatic.
I ended things in December 2019 and all attempts to reconnect with K for work or otherwise were destroyed by Covid lockdown and we spoke very little. In summer 2020, I cracked. Depressed and isolated, I got drunk and I texted him and asked what he wanted. I was stupid and angry and called him a coward, which I regret to no end. Understandably, he asked for space. We’ve barely spoken since, as I intend to respect that space.
I don’t know if this fits here honestly. I’ve wanted to ask for advice getting over this relationship or coming to terms with it in other subs, but I knew the age gap would get hit with laser focus and I would get no good answers. Idk if this is the best place either as the dynamic is complicated and I’m a rambler, but… how do I get over this? It feels impossible to date people my age, and it feels impossible to even try while I’m still missing him.
TLDR; I broke up with my 46y.o. ex to escape our third partner but I still love him and don’t know how to move on.
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2022.01.28 18:44 iam-Beyoncealways https://youtu.be/KSBvHWba-7M Makeover Based On My Zodiac Sign! 🐐♑ Let me know what you think. ❤️

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2022.01.28 18:44 zuddy04 Having trouble installing a new hard drive

So I'm trying to install a new 2TB hard drive in my PS4 I'm at the stage where I need to initialize the PS4. Per the directions, I turned it on in safe mode with a flash drive containing the system software in one USB port and a USB cable to use to connect a controller in another port.
For some reason, I'm unable to connect my controller. I'll plug it into the USB cable, but it just flashes a few times and then lights up yellow asif it's being charged, even though it's fully charged. I am able to connect a third party controller, but I can only press x once to select "initialize PS4" and then it freezes on the screen telling me to connect a USB storage device containing the update file for reinstallation. It's not letting me press any buttons on the controller.
Has anybody else had this problem? How do I move forward? Please help!
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2022.01.28 18:44 wosos 1513

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2022.01.28 18:44 HowL727 I know what music he was listening to…✌️

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2022.01.28 18:44 CricketMatchBot Match Thread: Only Test - Australia Women vs England Women, Day 3

Only Test - Australia Women vs England Women, Day 3
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2022.01.28 18:44 Pando_Boris Fanatec is only hurting themselves

Fanatec is only hurting themselves with the expensive shipping.
If not more people buy used products is only because the warranty tied to the original account.
Used products market is becoming stronger due to the shipping being as much as 20% of the total product price. This should change. It makes 0 sense to pay 30€ shipping for a wheel that weighs 2kg between European countries.
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2022.01.28 18:44 Arnadus Arizona Considers Making Bitcoin Legal Tender

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2022.01.28 18:44 gerg89 Deep fuckin' cheers y'all. We've already got the royal flush - just hold strong & keep grindin'!

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2022.01.28 18:44 Lost-Basil-259 cpu overheating

my cpu (i5-11400F) overheating please help
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2022.01.28 18:44 GodOfEnnui Piece of Runescape History hidden away in youtube: "runescape vs msn!"

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2022.01.28 18:43 Filjaso Random generic set that I have fallen in love with

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