Defeat Kazuma In Rock Paper And Scissor

2021.10.23 23:36 trj_flash75 Defeat Kazuma In Rock Paper And Scissor

I created a Rock, paper, and Scissor game, where you can play against Kazuma and defeat him. Here is the Article where you can play: Rock Paper and Scissor In Python. Can you defeat our MC Kazuma? You can play the game online, you will find the link in the article.
Thank you, I hope you like it.
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2021.10.23 23:36 FrankMurphy5 ReBoot - Viruses

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2021.10.23 23:36 Justin-PL VA - Rabbit City Compilation Vol. 1 [CUT CD 002] (1994) FLAC

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2021.10.23 23:36 Honda_Persuasion How to know when to stop tightening new spark plug when not having access to torque wrench? Crush washer on it makes it seem like it takes a lot of turns until it gets tight

I am trying to replace the spark plugs with a new set on my civic as they have over 105k miles on them now. I do not have access to a 3/8 torque wrench, I only have a large heavy duty 1/2 torque wrench that is not applicable or accurate to such low torque ratings - the civic calls for 14 ft/lb, so I am stuck tightening them by hand.
Well, since the new spark plugs have a new crush washer, it seems like it takes a lot of turns to get them tight. I turn the extension by hand until I can no longer turn it, then I use my socket wrench for the remaining turns. I know ppl say get it hand tight then just do 1/4 turn with the wrench, but doing that doesnt make it very tight. I was able to turn2 so far with the wrench maybe 1.5 turns and it still feels like it hasnt bottomed out. Shouldnt it keep turning until it bottoms out?? I stop at 1.5 turns because i get scared ill strip the threads. Out of curiosity, i reinstalled one of the old ones and once that one gets hand tight it only takes like 1/4 of a turn and I cannot turn it anymore, as in, it bottoms out.
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2021.10.23 23:36 do_hamsters_sweat Leak

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2021.10.23 23:36 Opee_ "They should receive jail time for that!"

I see this comment a lot whenever someone does something stupid that isn't necessary illegal. The fact that so many believe others should receive jail time is crazy in my opinion. What if we change the phrase to, "They should receive therapy and positive reinforcement for that!"
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2021.10.23 23:36 Brief_Profile3893 How long to you pressure cook soil for planting seeds

About to plant my first batch of seeds was curious if anybody had a specific amount of time they sterilize their soil mix. Thanks!
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2021.10.23 23:36 Ordinary_Bunch_9774 how to counter helios?

my team is yasmine team,and in adventure i really hate to face helios,can someone come up with a team that can beat helios ,thanks
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2021.10.23 23:36 Rripurnia What Season 9 should have looked like

Shout out to u/LizIsRedsMother, who gave us what REALLY should happen in Season 9.
Here’s how the show failed to live up to its promise for all of you who missed this epic in its first appearance:
I'll start:
- Ressler, distraught, goes back to the pill, which gets him jail. He is now a staunch drug rights advocate with his prison husband, Bubba.
- Cooper orders some new booze, retires, and opens a gnome business with his wife
- Aram gets a job teaching computer sciences at a local high school. He shaves half his mustache to raise awareness for LGBT rights in Saudi Arabia.
- Park moves to Alabama and gets her own spin-off from NBC, starring with Cooper's uncle Morris, played by Samuel L.
- Panabaker hooks up with Marvin. The two bought a condo in the Caymans and retired peacefully.
- Katarina Rostova is being hidden by Red.
- Reddington begins his quest for revenge by pissing on Vandyke's corpse. He will spend the duration of the series resting his shoulders from carrying the whole thing all these years. He eventually calls up Cassandra and tells her he's free. Lotte Verbeek will not be appearing.
- Dembe retires, and gets a part-time job with Uber. His Facebook page advertises his service, reading: we have to go.
- Paula inherits Red's empire, getting a cozy deal as an informant for the Task Force, which Jon Bokenkamp's successors have forgotten doesn't exist anymore, and is now headed by the hair gel guy from season 1. The Task Force is seriously wondering if they aren't in driver's seat on this one.
- Agnes? Agnes who?
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2021.10.23 23:36 Ecstatic_Ad6077 H:Responders full set W:Groll radium rifles

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2021.10.23 23:36 bekminit Sodie Pop

As an Australian I always find it hilarious when Ethan call it a sodie pop. Where I'm from in Australia, we call it soft drink or cool drink. Lol
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2021.10.23 23:36 Watermelon_RainWing House update! (Multiple images)

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2021.10.23 23:36 mordexfan12345 Tf is this skin? 🤢 this shit just looks gross why is it built like that?

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2021.10.23 23:36 KLASHINOV Still waiting

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2021.10.23 23:36 Xtcyi Black screen , camera not working. (Bought online and came today)

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2021.10.23 23:36 AlphaRevenant Wow, the warrior relic armor is terrible!

They didn't even attempt to make it not clip with the relic weapon
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2021.10.23 23:36 TossNotClose3 How to deal with fleas

My cat has a lot of fleas & they've become a problem :( what are some tips to getting rid of them quick? & to help my cat who has scratched so much his skin is becoming irritated & red?
They've mainly infested my room.
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2021.10.23 23:36 jhon_weak_come Realme GT Master Edition Review

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2021.10.23 23:36 amalopectin Did your phone register your selfies as multiple people throughout your transition

Pre HRT this didn't happen when my hair changed or anything but now my phone registered me as four or five different people which is a bit amusing
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2021.10.23 23:36 Ser_Michi Bowl of Embers for your main story progression? How dare you
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2021.10.23 23:36 lHaveNoBrain Custom Stickers

Does anybody have recommendations for websites that sell wholesale stickers? I want to include them along with my shirts when I ship them out, something like a yin and yang sticker etc.
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2021.10.23 23:36 Aghamax A pleasure.

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2021.10.23 23:36 yungteacher12 Chicken and waffles

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2021.10.23 23:36 sweatykamlol 8 kromer

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2021.10.23 23:36 Fugitive-Wizard What is the biggest "Reddit moment" you have witnessed on this website?

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