The Girl in Pink

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2021.10.23 23:59 some_mind The Girl in Pink

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2021.10.23 23:59 koalapon Everynight, in Jardin Noir...

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2021.10.23 23:59 gravitydefyingturtle Earthmovers

These creatures evolved in a world without us, and have to deal with us now that we’re back. This world belongs to u/Sparkmane.
I am a dwarf wombat and I’m digging a hole. Diggy-diggy hole, diggy-diggy hole.
Australia once had a great deal of megafauna, including creatures described as “giant wombats”. This isn’t a strictly true description, but Diprotodon, the largest marsupial to ever live, was a moderately close cousin of modern wombats. In the far future, actual large wombats do exist. They’re only a fraction of the size of their long-dead cousins (which were as big as rhinos), but the earthmover is a chonky beast.
An earthmover is, well, a giant wombat. Visually, there’s not that much more to add to the description. They have coarse grey-brown fur, a blocky head, barrel-shaped body, and stubby legs. An earthmover is around 1.5 m tall at the shoulder and the same length from shoulder to rump; its cinderblock head adds another 30 cm or so to this length, but they have basically no neck. A mature adult can weigh in from 250 to 350 kg depending on diet, population genetics, and other factors, but a lot of that mass is bone. There are basically no size differences between the sexes.
Some herbivores protect themselves by being wary, swift, and agile. Others will turn the tables on their pursuers, using their mass and strength to drive away a predator or crush them into the dirt. The earthmover protects itself by being dummy thicc. They may look fat, but an earthmover has a rigid layer of subcutaneous connective tissue in the softer parts of their body, particularly around the flanks and belly; that means they have very little loose skin or flab for something to bite down on. Further, their sheer size and round shape is a pretty effective defence. The term “gape limited” is usually applied to predatory fish, but most canines, felines, and other predators simply cannot open their mouths wide enough to bite down on an 800 lb ball of rubber.
Further, beneath the wiry fur, leathery hide, and rigid connective tissue, the earthmover is largely girdled by bone. Wombats already have a particularly solid pelvis, which they plug their tunnel entrances with like a portcullis made of ass. The pelvis, ribcage, and shoulders of the earthmover are similarly flattened, broadened, and strengthened to make them even more solidly-built. Finally, the animal's back and shoulders are reinforced with osteoderms, little beads of bone embedded into the skin like organic chainmail. Even if a predator does manage to sink their fangs into the earthmover’s flesh, they are more than likely to strike bone rather than anything soft or vital.
Earthmovers are solitary, territorial herbivores, each claiming a patch ranging in size from 1 to 5 hectares. They will tolerate browsing herbivores like kangaroos in their territory, but not other grazers. A mature earthmover has the mass, power, and aggression to drive any competitors off, even things as big and stubborn as a grumby. A good territory will include a water source and a mosaic of meadow (where they feed) and forest (where they sleep). Where wombats are most active at night, earthmovers prefer to forage during the day, though exceptions do occur.
The earthmovers are typically found in the alps of the Great Dividing Range, but may also be found on the drier western slopes down to the interior plains. The eastern slopes have become too heavily forested in our absence for the earthmovers’ taste, though they can be found there in some areas to the east.
Wombats like to dig, and if their name didn’t give it away, earthmovers like to dig too. Such a large animal cannot dig tunnels any more, but earthmovers will still dig almost compulsively. A returning human’s first clue that they’ve stumbled into an earthmover’s territory will be when they literally stumble and fall into a deep trench in the midst of a meadow.
There are two major excavation types that the earthmover constructs: the aforementioned trenches, and pits. We'll talk about the trenches first. Earthmovers mainly eat grass and other low-sprouting herbs, trundling through the meadows with their heads down, relying on hearing and smell to warn them of danger. They have also added roots and tubers to their diet, mainly the descendants of potatoes and other domesticated vegetables that have carried on in our absence; it is the pursuit of these root vegetables that prompt the earthmovers to dig their trench lines, but they have a secondary benefit as well.
Although wombats aren’t the brightest of beasts, they also aren’t that stupid. An earthmover may be well-defended, but it won’t rely entirely on its bulk to save it from a predator; it will bolt for the nearest trench at the first sign of danger. Here the beast will dive in and wedge itself against the sides. This posture protects their flanks, bellies, and legs, presenting only their bone-reinforced backs, rumps, and solid heads (with its biting mouth) to potential attack. Very few predators can truly inflict harm on an earthmover in this position, although venerable earthmovers are often covered in scars, and their ear pinnae are usually mangled to hell.
Dargs leave will leave an earthmover alone if it makes it to the trenches; there’s pretty much nothing that even a large clan can do to hurt one. Dongos can shoulder-slam an earthmover, but they have a hard time rolling over an animal that’s twice their mass. Earthmovers are pretty good at rolling with the punches, so even if the dongo does manage to roll one, it might be back on its feet before the dongo can locate and bite down on a vulnerable spot. The giant dogs do still harass the earthmovers, though, doing it for fun rather than a serious hunting attempt; returning humans will call it “bowling for wombats”.
There is one predator that can reliably hunt earthmovers; the masked griffon. These large birds are not that dissimilar to the ancient Velociraptor, well on their way to evolving into a terror bird-like predator. Masked griffons live in small flocks but usually hunt individually, going after small game, like rabbits. They will also cooperate to bring down larger prey if the opportunity arises. A flock won’t hunt every earthmover that they see, but one that is looking sick or weak may be targeted. The birds are able to hunt the earthmovers because, unlike the mammalian carnivores, they aren’t gape-limited; they can stab!
The masked griffons have raptorial talons, and have more pointed beaks than is common in predatory birds, allowing them to lance into the flesh of the earthmover. Particularly vulnerable are the wombat’s kidneys, which are not as protected by the bones of the earthmover’s spine, so the birds usually make the kill by stabbing deep into the mammal’s lower back. The birds are more fragile than the mammalian carnivores, though, so they will not attack an earthmover lightly, lest they be crushed by its mass during the engagement. They also need to be wary of kleptoparasites, particularly the cacodemon, as wombat meat is the huge marsupial’s favourite.
Earthmovers that live near large flocks of masked griffons are the exception mentioned earlier, being more active at night when the birds are sleeping.
The second digging construct that the earthmover builds is the pit, and this is where the earthmover sleeps. Trenches are dug in the meadows where the animal forages, but the pits are dug in the surrounding forest. The earthmover locates a large, mature eucalypt tree within its territory and excavates the ground underneath it, chewing away the roots except for a few strong buttresses. The result is a strong arch of wood big enough to sleep in, with two entrances so the animal can enter one way, sleep, and then just get up and move forward to exit. Once the bower has been excavated, the earthmover will dig a pit surrounding the tree, preferably down a slope, and with multiple earthen ramps to allow easy ingress and egress from the pit. The earthmover also digs a sump, ensuring that it will not be immediately drowned if it rains, and giving it a bit of drinking water and a place to wallow and cool off when it’s hot.
The tree provides shelter from the elements, and its arching roots protect the earthmover’s flanks from attack when it sleeps. Eucalypts have deep, sturdy roots, so the tree will be able to support its weight for some time even with them exposed like this, often longer than the earthmover itself will be present. Though not the brightest of animals, earthmovers are natural engineers and can detect if their tree is about to give way; they will move on and start to excavate a new pit if that happens. They will also abandon a pit that has become majorly flooded, or because they decide they’re tired of it and want to dig a new one. Sometimes a sounder of mountain hogs will take over a pit and force the wombat out. The pigs are too small to physically drive the earthmover away, but the smell is enough to see it off.
Breeding season makes things complicated for the animals, but then it usually does for everyone. For earthmovers, the complication arises from the fact that mature earthmovers live few and far between. Their territories often don’t have actual borders, because their habitat needs are somewhat specific and there are often vast stretches of dense woodland or open grassland between an earthmover and its nearest neighbour.
Thus, earthmover males will develop a wanderlust to go along with their actual lust. An earthmover bull that feels the primal urges will abandon his territory and go for a walkabout, looking for a Sheila that’s also in the mood. These journeys can last for several weeks, until they find someone willing to mate with them or their hormone levels return to normal, prompting them to find another place to settle and establish a new territory. Such walkabouts help to keep genepools from getting stagnant, and periodically open up fresh territories for adolescents to settle into.
Like her ancestors, mum has a backwards facing pouch so junior doesn’t get a face full of dirt while she digs. To keep her pouch and joey safe from predators, mum’s pouch is further up her belly than is normal for wombats. Her pelvis has also altered shape somewhat, projecting downwards to help shield the pouch entrance if she’s lying down or wedged into a trench.
The joey will leave the pouch after about 3 months, and is able to run around on its own. From here, the baby will quickly grow too heavy to keep in the pouch, and is rapidly weaned. For the next few months, mum will protect her baby by keeping it under her chest when attacked, cradled in her forelegs. When bubba grows too big for her to effectively do so anymore, conveniently right around the start of the next breeding season, she will drive the adolescent off and he’s on his own.
Returning humans will be able to make a lot of use from the earthmovers. Like the masked griffons, we can also stab them (with spears), rendering the big wombats’ primary defence moot. Like the masked griffons, this is also going to bring us into conflict with cacodemons, which is not going to go well for us.
An earthmover will provide a great deal of meat and hide, and plenty of heavy bones that can be put to use in tool-making. Domestication of earthmovers is a more questionable prospect. They are neither particularly intelligent nor sociable, so keeping large numbers around is not going to be an easy task. Keeping a living bulldozer in an enclosure is going to be nearly impossible. If they can be domesticated, and that’s a big if, they could be trained to act as living ploughs, making agriculture a whole lot easier.
And yes, they still poop cubes.
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2021.10.23 23:59 MeltedHeartMadness Everyday

I think about you all the time how your life is going work the puppy, over all moving on, if so. Our random conversation how to make me feel that happiness in my heart. I feel something is not right with all this. Your silence feel my thoughts are right.
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2021.10.23 23:59 sodakdave Mk3 smelters overrunning tower?

Ok. I'm on my first playthrough and just got the MK3 assemblers and smelters. I went on an upgrade spree and now I'm running into kind of a unique situation.
I had a line smelting Iron ingots... 180 smelters connected to one ILS. It's been running along just fine. I upgraded to the mk3 smelters and after running for a day or so I notice I'm running low on iron ingots at one of my lines. Go back and look at the smelter and the belts are backed up, the smelters aren't running because "product stacking", and the tower is sending out whatever it can get as soon as it gets it in. But WHY is it such an issue? Why do I have the belts so stacked up that the smelters can't run if the tower is basically empty? The only thing I can think of is that I'm now making stuff faster than the tower can load it in, and it's just throwing everything off since I'm now making less overall.
I'm seeing it on multiple lines I've upgraded, so I know it's not an isolate occurrence, I'm just not sure I understand the mechanics behind what's actually causing it.
Do MK3 smelters just require a much smaller line to actually function?
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2021.10.23 23:59 lotionbags She might be leaving

Afternoon Reddit, My girlfriend and I have been together for 2-1/2 years+. Last week she dropped the bomb on me that she doesn’t know if she wants to be in this relationship anymore. She’s not sure if she can be happy with me. We’ve built a life together that isn’t so easy to just break up and move on from. Maybe for her, as she is more financially stable than I. Anyway, we both had a bit of control issues when the relationship started, and in that, we shared our locations in our phones. Yesterday she left our home to go stay with her parents until Monday evening. About 30 minutes ago she turned off her location for me and it told me in our text thread. I don’t check it anymore as I’ve gained trust for her over the relationship. Am I just overthinking it? What would you all think? I’m really upset about the whole situation of us maybe separating. I love her so much, and I admit I have taken her for granted. Really sucks. I appreciate any replies. -Lotion
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2021.10.23 23:59 Lizard1995 Describe your ideal ideology/government/society to me.

For me I consider myself to be a progressive totalitarian in that I support a totalitarian power structure using a planned economic system and government-enforced progressive social values.
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2021.10.23 23:59 Dry-Comparison-2198 Found this crawling on me , wish to know if it's something to worry about. (Brown recluse or a baby long leg) please.

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2021.10.23 23:59 LSRP_Team Lone State Roleplay

Lone State Roleplay
Discord -
Type/Tags - Roleplay
Description - Lone State Roleplay is a new server in the FiveM scene. It is based off the ESX framework and offers most everything you'd expect from a roleplay server with a bit of spice thrown in. Our goal is to build a functioning environment of characters and factions that work with (or against) each other to form a truly interesting take on the world of GTA V.
Our goal is to build a functioning environment of characters and factions that work with (or against) each other to form a truly interesting take on the world of GTA V. Choose from many different jobs and professions, some less legal than others. Buy cars, houses, clothes and guns. Get involved with the politics in the state we're trying to create. We hope to eventually hold elections for a new governor of San Andreas once we hit a certain threshold of players. Check out our season 1 trailer: Click to See Trailer!
Features -
Plenty of the starter jobs for new players (Garbage, Taxi Driver, Miner, Delivery, etc...).

Custom weapons and vehicles.

Coke running, meth cooking, and multiple robberies in every corner of the map.

Various gangs/organizations with their own ranking structures and features.

Player government with community interaction that affects the server and it's laws.

Every position you can think of is open now to solid RP players!
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2021.10.23 23:59 NoiseProfessional694 Wet dreams 5 times in 35 days. Is it ok? What should I do?

I am worried is it normal?
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2021.10.23 23:59 ErtugrulGhazi Uykuluyum (267. Gün)

Merhaba arkadaşlar. İnanılmaz derecede uykuluyum. Bu metini yazarken gözlerim kapıyor. Uyumalıyım. Tekrar görüşmek üzere arkadaşlar, kendinize iyi bakın!
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2021.10.23 23:59 MemerThoughts The reason we don't have flying cars isn't because we can't make them, but because it's a huge waste of resources.

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2021.10.23 23:59 clarenceismyanimus Trying to move with hoarding MIL and don't know what to do

My MIL has lived with us for the past 11 years. She was going to be homeless and we didn't want her to have to be in section 8 housing, so we offered she could stay here. I'm trying to keep this condensed, but basically her room is full and so is the sunroom that we were supposed to share. She is a crafter, so there are sewing machines, knitting and crochet needles, yarn, thread, raw wool, spinning wheel, etc. She has the rooms stacked about 4 feet high with stuff.
Our landlord gave us notice that we had to move out by 11/1 because he wants to sell the house. We were lucky enough to be able to get another house but it requires a 1000 mile move. We were trying to keep this mess from happening again, and she won't have a sunroom for her, so I told her that she would probably take about 10 Rubbermaid totes worth of stuff. As she got to 8 totes, she started crying saying there is stuff she can't possibly leave behind. My husband and I argued with her for over 2 hours, and finally gave up and said take whatever. She took that as carte blanche to literally pack up all of her stuff. We are using PODS, we had a large one and a small one scheduled. Since she kept packing more and more stuff, we told her she has to pay $500 so we could get the larger POD. She did, and now we are realizing with all the stuff she is packing there is still not enough room. I'm going to have to sell my car so we can get a U-Haul, and even then my husband and I will probably have to leave some of our stuff behind.
My husband and I decided that after the move we need her to seek professional help, and we just can't handle living with her anymore. I don't know what resources are available or what I can do. We are both so miserable.
Thanks for listening.
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2021.10.23 23:59 No-Possibility-7719 Fox News’ Melugin: “Thousands Of Migrants In A Brand New Caravan…Forcing Their Way Through” To U.S.

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2021.10.23 23:59 maniacalcorgi Lgbtq wiki

I never actually looked at that website until I saw the trugender troll post but I'm embarrassed to be lgbtq. I just clicked on asexual spectrum and the number of different identities is mind boggling, yet lesbian can't just be women who love women.
The page on lesbian talks about non binary manhood in relation to a lesbian identity. It defines them as non men who love non men. Also describes straightbians? And how trans men can be lesbians?
If you are talking about lesbians and you have to discuss men or manhood you've missed the point entirely. Can I not just be gay in peace without it being centred on men everytime?!
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2021.10.23 23:59 WarmRefrigerator2 Who's the person you're no longer with who makes you think "whew, dodged a bullet with that one?"

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2021.10.23 23:59 princessedaisy What, in your opinion, is the best watermelon candy?

I think my absolute favorite watermelon flavored candy is this variety of watermelon Twizzlers. But, the watermelon flavored Jelly Bellies beans are a very close second.
What do you think is the best watermelon candy?
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2021.10.23 23:59 7_of-9 Totally a human, not breaking sub rules at all, def a normal human

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2021.10.23 23:59 SnooAvocados6819 モーション用

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2021.10.23 23:59 dontaskkkkkkk Server application

Hello I was wondering if anyone knows any servers similar to Nether games witch has lots of mini games or does anyone know a hole in the wall server?
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